Monday, October 17, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival

The time has finally come!  The cherry blossoms are at full bloom!  When we decided we were going to move to DC, everyone asked us what we liked to do, feeling pretty confident that anything that we could come up with, this city could offer.  Once we said, "we like to hike, climb, camp, and generally do things outside."  The person we were talking to would say, "well, the cherry blossom festival is really beautiful!"  I'm not quite sure they understood that the reason we like those things is that you get to be away from people and civilization for a while and just be surrounded by nature.  Oh well, the trees really are beautiful. Everyone else thought so too!

This is the best picture one can expect when they hand their camera to a stranger.  I especially like the composition with a spear coming out of the top of my head! :)

Austin and I walked around the tidal basin last night because Austin heard on the radio that yesterday was the day!  The city hires some sort of cherry blossom specialist that literally has this whole thing down to a science, so we can all know when's the best time.

The festival isn't just about walking around the Tidal Basin and the monuments, there are also tons of events going on.  The most popular ones are the Japanese street festival and the cherry blossom parade.  For more information go to the festival's site.

There were a lot of people...surprisingly respectful of people wanting to get their pictures taken with the blossoms in the background though.

I don't understand the it because beavers cut down trees?

Austin's family is going to be here in time for the parade so we'll definitely have to go to that with them!  (p.s. I can't wait to have some visitors!)

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