Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Stuff Eatery

If you don't actually know me, you don't know how cheap I am.  DC has so many great places to eat - or at least we've heard.  They aren't exactly worried about catering to people who live on a budget. Good Stuff Eatery is the exception.  Not only is it affordable, it is amazing!

Not just amazing for cheap food.  This is amazing for any price!  We're talking the best milkshakes you will ever have!

Their burgers aren't half bad either.  They have fun names too like the Prez Obama Burger...(I know what you're thinking - "they don't look that good though" - just trust me!)
...and the Michelle Melt...
...I got the Colletti's Smokehouse.
Then there are the fries (not my favorite part of the meal, but at least they are made from real potatoes - you can tell 'cause they still have the skin on the ends).  They come with lots of fancy dipping sauces.
The food is good, relatively inexpensive, and made from real ingredients.  Another bonus: if you eat there, you only really need one meal for the entire day.

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