Monday, October 17, 2011

New York, New York

My sister got to come to NYC for work for a couple of days last week and for less than the cost of her taxi ride from the airport to her hotel in Manhattan, I got a roundtrip bus ride from DC to New York.  I do love the public transit out East.  I am glad I didn't try to drive myself!  Austin and I complain a lot about DC traffic, but it is really nothing compared to New York.  Sure, our bus driver hit the toll booth but who's to blame him...that's a small hole for a big bus to fit through.

Missy and I spent the entire day sightseeing.  Basically, walking.  We saw the Empire State Building (no, we did not pay the $21 for the elevator ride to the top), Central Park (where we saw yet another romantic comedy being filmed), Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Avenue, Broadway, etc. etc.
Our best find was the stumble upon (which is a great website btw) Magnolia Bakery.  Missy got the banana pudding which had pieces of cake in it and big slices of banana - it was only a slightly better than the giant slice of coconut cake with meringue frosting that I ordered!  Definitely made the whole trip worth it.
We ate some pizza and some pasta at some ridiculously overpriced restaurants and generally had a good time being tourists.  I took the bus leaving early the next morning and got back to DC thinking it felt more like a little village than the nation's capitol.

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