Monday, October 17, 2011

Red River Gorge, KY

Last weekend, Austin and I headed off to Kentucky to finally get back outside and on some ropes!  I was starting to forget why I even liked climbing but once we got outside where it was quiet, away from any sounds of traffic, and the air was clean, it all came back to me.  
The weather was perfect, the rock was gorgeous (and hard), and the company was great.
These pictures were from a climb called "Too Many Puppies" which was on some of the prettiest rock I have ever seen.  Beautiful red sandstone with black veins swirling through it...not quite Navajo Sandstone, but I'll take it!
This trip inspired me to get outside even more, so we are off to Shenendoah National Park tomorrow for some hiking and bouldering, but mainly to see all the changing leaves.

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