Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shenandoah National Park

The weekend before last, we drove down to Shenandoah National Park to go bouldering, hike around, and do some leaf gazing.
The leaves had already changed for the most part, but it was still one of the prettiest places I have seen near DC.  I think we will have to plan a snowshoeing trip up there this winter.  Winter camping too?
As we were on our way out of the park...after I got pulled over for speeding through the park (she let me go with a warning - thanks park ranger!)...we stopped to do some yoga tricks!  Why not?


  1. That's the one really good yoga trick that I can do!

  2. He requested that I teach that one in one of my classes a while ago...people weren't too excited about it!

  3. My brother (Joel) will probably not like that I'm commenting on your blog, but my mom sent me the url and I couldn't resist :o) Your climb looks like it was a lot of fun.. maybe one day I'll try it out and Joel can teach me!

  4. Linnea Paulina, I am glad you came and commented! - Who cares what Joel wants :) Joel is getting very good so he would be a good instructor when you decide to try it out. Btw, I love your blog as well!


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