Monday, October 17, 2011

Tilt Shift Photography

This weekend Austin and I did some exploring. On Saturday we went to Jefferson Memorial/Tidal Basin and the Theodore Roosevelt Island which was pretty should be much better once the trees bloom. Yesterday we went to Union Station and had lunch but the main goal was to take pictures of the station that I could try my hand at making it look like a model using Gimp. I found a website that gives tutorials on how to use Gimp to make different effects, so here is my fake tilt shift of UnionStation. I'll post more pictures from the rest of the weekend later!

Here is another photo that I modified to look like it was taken with a tilt shift lens through Gimp. This picture was originally taken at the Sharks/Capitals game in February. I wish I had one when the players were on the ice to make it look more "modelly." To make a photo like this the most important thing is to take the picture from high above and far I guess there was one benefit to having some of the worst seats in the house!

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