Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Caramel Corn

Did you have a good Superbowl weekend?  We spent the day running errands, signing a new lease, lamenting our move up 4 flights of stairs, eating, and watching the game (and commercials).

My favorite commercial was this Volkwagon one.  The game was actually a good one, but since I don't have any loyalties to any East Coast team, it was a little lost on me.  Oh well!  A food holiday (and I do consider the Superbowl a food holiday) is a food holiday, and there can't be any complaining about that!

Future weekend plans include packing this weekend and we will spend President's Day weekend moving into our new apartment and working off the calories that we ate Sunday night.
Maybe we'll make a "moving snack."  You know, something that you can grab a handful of every trip back to the Uhaul.  Something to help out with the process :)  Like caramel corn!

Sorry this is a secret family recipe, but when my dad starts packaging and selling it, I will let you know where you can order!

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