Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pecan Butter

Once upon a time, my sisters, Austin and I went to Las Vegas.

We got to stay in a hotel room for cheap because of our sweet connections.

We got to go behind the scenes and watch the surveillance cameras.

We even got free tickets to see Donny and Marie live!
I had been to Vegas a couple of times before, but this was the first time I went when I was old enough to gamble.

I gambled.  A whole $7 I gambled away.  Then I clutched onto the rest of my money and went running outside into the 115 degree heat because I just couldn't part with my money like that!

Last Friday, I thought I'd give it another go though.  I gave into the madness.  The Mega Millions madness!  In Utah, you can't gamble, so I had never played the lottery before.  So, with a chance at $640 million, I thought I might as well try.  "You can't win if you don't try" or something like that.
I picked my numbers.  I gave them my one dollar.  AND I WON!!!  

I won 3 dollars!  Better than nothing right?

But from now on, I'm going back to spending money on more important things like cake, and cookies, and really good nuts that I can make into my own nut butter.
Back to sanity.  Back to pecan butter.


2 c. unsalted raw pecans (that's it!)

1.  Put pecans in a food processor and blend until creamy.  Done and done!  
*I added a little bit of sea salt to mine, but you can leave it out too.

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