Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I've never been much of a cocktail drinker.  I mean, I love a good microbrew and I am by no means opposed to drinking, but cocktails always seemed so fancy and in my mind fancy = hard.  And it's true, they are harder than opening a beer (although those twist-off caps always get me!).
This week, after all the packing and all the hassles of preparing for a move across country, I have been inspired!  Inspired to sit outside on our deck and drink a cocktail!  And while I still enjoy a good beer, I could definitely get used to this!

p.s. Please excuse the horribly lit pictures, the sun had already gone down by the time we got to sit down and relax last night.

Recipe from Mark Hough
2 oz. gin
2 oz. margarita mix
1 oz. triple sec
5 oz. ginger ale

1.  In a shaker with ice, mix gin, margarita mix and triple sec.

2.  Pour into a glass, add ginger ale and stir.

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