Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve

Happy New Year!

Before you start making big plans for 2013, take a second and look over what happened this past year  (this is really easy to do if you have a fancy phone/facebook account).  Last year, I wrote a post about 2011 and until I started looking through all my pictures from the year, I had no idea I had done so much!  2012 was the same way.

Sure, not every day was perfect and not every thing that happened was magnificent and life-altering, but I bet the things that you took pictures of were pretty positive things.  So, let's keep it positive :)

I was so fortunate this past year (I swear, I'm not trying to gloat).  I got to camp and climb with good friends from DC.
I spent a weekend with my BFF forever in New York!  (This is our engagement photo...awkardly far apart, btw.)
I spent a lot of time in the kitchen (including time well spent making this coffee cake)!
Austin and I were able to make some pretty major life changes and move back to the mountains and closer to family.
We camped, we climbed, we mountain biked, we hiked.  If it was available outside, we did it.
I read some books (not as many as my sister's 53 this year though!).
I traveled to New Jersey, Indiana, and California for family weddings in 2012.
And probably the biggest change for me this year, was adopting The Dingo!

Before you start making resolutions for next year, and thinking about all of the weight you want to lose, or the yoga classes you want to take, or the miles you want to run, take a minute and notice all of the things that you are grateful for from this past year.  Plus, it gives you an excuse to stalk yourself on facebook.

Happy New Year!  I hope 2013 is even better than you could imagine!


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