Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 365: Week 2

Jan. 7 - Monday started the week off with me finally catching up with the rest of society and getting a fancy girl phone (more on that later).
Jan. 8 - Paying for parking at work per the usual.
Jan. 9 - Rolling up towels and mats before teaching yoga.
Jan. 10 - Believe it or not, this is from before it got cold (on my afternoon walk with the Dingo).
Jan. 11 - The last of the sunshine before a dreary, cold weekend.
Jan. 12 - Austin and I celebrated our 8-year anniversary eating fondue like we always have.
Jan. 13 - Today, I turned 25!  Not super happy about it but I am happy about this peanut butter cake with chocolate icing that Austin is making me!

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