Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 365: Week 3

Jan. 14 - Leftover birthday cake on Monday!
Jan. 15 - One-eared giraffe.  Toy supposedly tough enough for "even the toughest chewers" didn't last very long.
Jan. 16 - I think this was the only time I sat down all week.  Pretty good way to enjoy lunch (roasted winter veggies over farro).
Jan. 17 - Dingo is in the phase of her life where she eats anything she can fit her mouth around.  I don't know what that is hanging out of her mouth exactly but it looks kind of like a slug.
 Jan. 18 - After what felt like the longest week ever, all I wanted to do this weekend was use my Kitchenaid.
 Jan. 19 - Margaritas and Pacificos at T|aco with Austin.
Jan. 20 - The weather has been so nice here lately - we pretty much have to spend all free time outside.

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