Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project 365: Week 7

Feb. 11 - On Monday, I started and failed a fruit cleanse.  At least it started really well with these smoothies.
Feb. 12 - My flowers started to wilt, but thanks to a very nice boyfriend and a very nice boss I got new ones to replace them on Valentine's Day!
Feb. 13 - Those Girl Scouts are back!  This tray is already gone.
Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day!  Dingo got all dressed up for the special day.
Feb. 15 - Heart-shaped ice courtesy of Ikea.
Feb. 16 - Took the Dingo on her first camping trip!  When it got down to 25˚ last night, she didn't hate her jacket as much as she normally does.
And we got to use our new 4-season tent (only the second time so far).
Feb. 17 - Spent most of the day hiking through Garden of the Gods outside of Colorado Springs.
Then, before heading back to Boulder, we drove up Pikes Peak Highway (to mile 14 of 19, where the road was closed).  We'll have to go back this summer to get all the way to the summit, or maybe climb it.

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