Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project 365: Week 12

March 18 | Catching up with my BFF, Julia, over beers.
March 19 | Julia and I tried to go snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park, but there wasn't much snow.  We had a nice hike to Bierstadt Lake instead.
March 20 | Austin's gym hosted the Crossfit Open.  Those girls were pretty burly and impressive, but I was most excited about the free barbecue and the fact that Bob Harper was there (I've mentioned I'm a "Biggest Loser" fan)!
March 21 | Julia and I tasted a lot of tea at the Celestial Seasonings factory.  The factory tour is seriously my favorite thing about Boulder.
March 22 | Dingo literally stopping and smelling the flowers.  These were the first ones that have popped up this spring.  Friday night they got covered by about 10 inches of snow :(
March 23 | Austin and I drove to Idaho Springs to meet up with some friends from Utah.  We drank a lot of beer at the Tommyknockers Brewery and finally tried chicken 'n waffles.
March 24 | The Flatirons are looking pretty good - and cold.

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