Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project 365: Week 13

March 25 | I got locked in the parking garage at work, but it wasn't all bad - I got to see this view of Boulder.
March 26 | After getting Shelly's windshield fixed, Austin and I played with the Dingo in the "dog park."
March 27 | I'm really hoping that this is the last snowman of the season.
March 28 | It's on it's way out!!
March 29 | My boss gave me Good Friday off! - I spent it getting rid of old felt so good!
March 30 | Thanks to all the cleaning and organizing, we found our growler from Moab Brewery - we're definitely bringing this with us in 2 weeks so we can get a refill of my all-time favorite beer (Dead Horse Amber Ale).
March 31 - This was the best Easter surprise...ever!!!  
Those are celebratory looks after a very long, steep hill climb!


  1. Dingo is getting so big! How old is she now?

    -Ginny K.

    1. Ginny,

      Yes, she is getting bigger, but she's still just kind of a little dog. She's 6 months old now!



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