Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project 365: Week 9

February 25 | We got to hang out with Austin's parents Monday night and eat really delicious Italian food before they went back to Utah.
February 26 | I went to the Container Store for the first time!  I made my own vanilla extract (recipe soon), and needed bottles to put it in.  It was a pretty magical experience in there.
February 27 | Nice sunny afternoon while I was folding laundry.
February 28 | Someone forgot to wipe her feet at the door.
March 1 | Dingo got to go to kindergarten!  She was the bad kid in class that had to keep her leash on the whole time (of course).
March 2 | My birthday present from my sister came this week and in it was this awesome cookbook (and another awesome cookbook and a scale/measuring cup!) - every single recipe looks amazing!  Including the recipe for these macaroons (recipe coming soon), which were, in fact, delicious.
March 3 | Austin and I left the Dingo at home to rest and went for a little longer snowshoe trip.  It was cold and a little windy, but we packed a picnic and it was perfect.

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