Monday, April 29, 2013

Confetti Quinoa

This past weekend was one of those weekends that just did not last long enough.  Maybe it's because I ended up having to work yesterday.  Maybe it's because the weather is so nice out today, it's kind of a crime to be inside an office with no windows.

Now, I'm not normally the type of person to dread Mondays this much.  I pretty much never feel the need to update facebook on my feelings about not wanting to go back to work.  But for some reason today is different.

I should note that I have it really easy.  I have a nice job with a nice boss and I get to go home at 1:30 to work on my blog, or go to one of my other 3 jobs.  (Probably why I don't complain too much about the work week.)  And then I talk to my sister who is regularly working 12-14 hour days and putting in extra time on the weekends.  So, I'm reminded just how easy I have it.
But somehow, even though my sister is working all the time, she still finds time to get into the kitchen and make up some of the best concoctions I've ever eaten!  Confetti Quinoa is the perfect busy weeknight meal because you don't have to go to the grocery store - just use whatever you have in your fridge, and you can make it ahead of time and just pop it in the oven a few minutes before you're ready to eat and it's done.  I guess maybe this is how she does it?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project 365: Week 17

April 22 | Working after work.
April 23 | My friend, Jane, and I had an awesome lunch with pea hummus at Riffs!  The service was not so good, but the food made up for it.
April 24 | These banana nut muffins (recipe soon) almost made Austin quit his diet 2 weeks in.
April 25 | Pulled out the deck chairs - apparently there is going to be more snow on Tuesday, but I'm trying to be optimistic.
April 26 | Picked up my weekend read - "Paper Towns" by John Green.
April 27 | Our lunch spot on our hike.
April 28 | Slurped down this super thick smoothie that was really more like ice cream before heading off to a teacher training at my yoga studio.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuna Fudge Dog Treats

You remember that Alanis Morisette song, "Ironic?"  If you don't - educate yourself on YouTube.  Do you also remember when that song came out and everyone was enjoying themselves singing along and then there was the smart kid who was like, "all the stuff that she's singing about: well, it's not really ironic, it's just unfortunate."  That was my sister.  
Here's the definition:
i·ron·ic Happening in the opposite way to what is expected, thus typically causing wry amusement.  

So you might find it ironic that my blog is titled "Call Me Fudge" and I have yet to post a recipe for fudge.  You might also find it ironic that the first time I do (today), the fudge is filled with canned tuna fish and is for dogs.
Maybe you don't.  Maybe you were the smart kid.  Maybe you're going to leave a comment telling me that I'm using the wrong adjective.   

So maybe I don't always know the right word for every situation and maybe I misspell things every once in a while, but I do know that you make these treats and you will have dogs flocking to you all over the dog park.  It's your job to figure out how to get them to stop jumping on you.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

My mom came out to visit us last week and I really loved having her here.  But now, she's gone.

The house feels emptier, the Dingo is missing her tug 'o war partner, and I'm feeling pretty homesick once again.  I love it when family comes to visit, but it always leaves me wanting to go back home more than ever.
In a couple of weeks, things will go back to normal.  But for right now, I need cookies.  They say you can't eat your emotions, but you can eat cookies.  And you know how songs can bring you right back to a specific time and place, well I think cookies can too.
Austin's grandma makes these peanut butter cup cookies every Christmas and as soon as I take a bite, I am transported back home, and I'm surrounded by family again.  It's kind of amazing what your taste buds are capable of.  You might not have a memory associated with these cookies, but you could make one!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project 365: Weeks 15 & 16

April 8 | Chicken Carbonaro is my version of comfort food (recipe soon).
April 9 | Thanks Ben & Jerry for "Free Cone Day!"
April 10 | Made these monster bars for our trip to Moab before running out the door to teach yoga.
April 11 | Does this look like enough stuff for 2 people to go to Moab for 4 days?
April 12 | Moab, Utah is my favorite place on earth - this is why.
April 13 | Austin was all pumped for his big adventure race.  He looked (slightly) different after 40 miles of biking, a 200 ft. rappel, and 6 miles of kayaking.
I hung out at camp and read :)
April 14 | On our hike, we got to see one of those jeeps almost flip over and roll off a cliff.  They didn't though.  Everyone was ok.
We celebrated for them with a milkshake from Milt's!
April 15 | When we left Moab, it was raining.  It quickly turned to snow and all paths over the Rockies were closed.  We detoured and spent the night with Austin's grandparents and headed back home in the morning.  (The reason there was no Project 365 post last week.)
April 16 | By this point, everyone was tired of the car ride.
April 17 | I made some Choconana Cupcakes (recipe soon) and then my mom and I ate them (guiltily) in front of Austin.
April 18 | My mom came to visit for a few days and she got to spend a lot of quality time with the Dingo!  Tug o' War is their favorite game.
April 19 | I have the best BFF ever who sends me all of the most delicious things from Trader Joe's!
April 20 | Took my mom for a hike once the trails dried out a little.
April 21 | Relaxing with "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt."

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lemony Asparagus & Squash Linguine

I already told you about Austin's "Zone Diet."  We didn't really know what it meant besides a lot of measuring, no pasta, and no cream.  So basically, in this lemony asparagus and squash linguine dish, he can have the asparagus.

Oh, one more thing.  He can have a lot of the asparagus!
The other night, he sat down to a plate with a half a steak and then piled it up with asparagus.  And I really mean piled it up.  The stack was at least 4 inches high and the entire width of the plate, literally an entire bundle of asparagus.  Austin really likes asparagus, but that was kind of a lot to take in.

Oh, I forgot another thing - that wasn't the whole serving...he was supposed to have 4 times that amount!

I really like asparagus too, but I prefer mine over a bed of pasta and soaked in a spicy, lemony, cream sauce.  Maybe a little parmesan cheese grated on top.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monster Bars

Austin and I headed out of town this past weekend for a much needed break from everyday life.  We drove down to Moab, UT on Thursday after work and planned on coming back Monday afternoon.  That was the plan.

The weather was really nice all weekend - 75 and sunny.  So we were a little surprised when we got on the road and tried to cross the Rockies and found out that it was a literal no-go.  I-70 was closed because of an accident and highway 40 was closed for avalanche danger.

Austin's first reaction in this situation was to call his brother (aka "Human Google") and get a detour.  My first reaction was to inventory the car and make sure we had enough food.  Luckily, we had been camping, so we were pretty well prepared for whatever happened.  Seriously, my first thought in every situation is, "do I have enough snacks for this??!?!?"
We ended up detouring and staying with Austin's grandparents, but just in case it didn't work out, I was really glad we had some of these monster bars left in the back!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


My dad introduced me to this very simple, yet very satisfying cocktail.  When I was home for Christmas, he had some grapefruit flavored vodka around (don't know where that came from), so he mixed one up.  I think I was drinking a beer at the time so I almost passed up taking a sip.  So glad I didn't.
First of all, I like drinks with names that don't give you any hint of what's in them.  When I hear "greyhound," I think dirty buses and unsafe places at night and I also think of fast dogs.  I don't think of vodka or grapefruit juice.  Never enters my mind.

Second of all, this is tasty and so easy to drink.  Enough said.
This is the type of drink that should be added to the list with mimosas and bloody mary's.  That's the list of cocktails that are acceptable to drink at breakfast.  And until I figure out the perfect recipe for my "breakfast beer" (I'm working really hard on it), we will have to settle for citrus/alcoholic beverages before 5:00.

5 oz. grapefruit juice
1.5 oz. vodka

1.  Stir well and serve over ice.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Vanilla Macaroons

Austin is starting this new diet.  His Crossfit gym is kind of hosting it.  This morning he had to go to the gym, be dunked in a tank, get all his measurements taken, and in the next couple of days, he will get his prescribed diet for 30 days.

After he was dunked under with no oxygen, they let him come back up and asked if he had any questions, then they asked him, "do you live with other people - any roommates/family/wife/girlfriend that could help you stick to your diet?"
Do you see the problem?

His answer was, "my girlfriend is actually a foodblogger who writes mostly about baked, no."  The woman's response: "oh."
I'll see if I can help him out and be supportive, just because, but as soon as I need a cookie, I'm going to have a cookie!  I didn't sign up for any diet :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Project 365: Week 14

April 1 | I don't even remember why we went to Costco, but I'm sure it was a good idea.
April 2 | Tuesday was the best day at the gym!  First of all, the TVs on the treadmills are working now and more importantly, Nicki Minaj radio was on MTV!!  Doesn't get better than that.
April 3 | My sister shared her really delicious recipe for Confetti Quinoa so this was waiting for me after I got done teaching yoga.
April 4 | My new pumped up kicks came!
...And I made the Dingo some homemade Tuna Fudge (yes, I'm that dog-owner).
April 5 | Friday was my sister's birthday - I wish I could have been home to celebrate with her.  Unfortunately, this sunrise was the only good thing about this day.
April 6 | I fell asleep in the field and woke up to this :)
April 7 | The winds have picked up and apparently they are bringing in 12 inches of snow with them tomorrow and Tuesday.

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