Sunday, May 26, 2013

Project 365: Week 21

May 20 | Not a super bright one, but a rainbow to start out the week nonetheless.

May 21 | 2 for 1 salads for dinner!
May 22 | This is what happens when you tell Austin and the Dingo to look cool.
May 23 | Every Thursday in Boulder there is a group bike ride through town, just for fun - "Happy Thursday!"
May 24 | We finally (after almost a year of living in Colorado) explored Denver a little bit while Austin's cousin and his girlfriend were in town visiting.
May 25 | The face of determination.
The fair came to town!  Not really the fair, but the "Creek Festival."  If you know me, you know I love sketchy fair rides, fair food, and fair people :)
May 26 | Snack break halfway through our bike ride.  Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow!


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    1. Thanks! It went through a filter on Instagram, then one through "A Beautiful Mess" app, then Pixlromantic :) I thought it turned out pretty cool though too - I'll have to get it printed.


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