Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project 365: Week 27

 July 1 | Rhubarb Peach Cobbler a la mode - tastes like summer to me!

July 2 | Tried to eat healthier before all of the 4th of July BBQ food (the cobbler from Monday didn't help either).
July 3 | It was a long drive through Wyoming...
...but we finally made it home!
July 4 | Austin made his (in)famous lemonade for the Park City parade.
Then we had a barbecue at my parents' house.
July 5 | My mom and dad's first time at the rodeo!
Quite the experience :)
July 6 | This picture was taken while everyone was still having fun mountain biking (before we had to go to the clinic and get my sister stitched up!).
July 7 | I was walking around my parents' neighborhood and couldn't believe how big all the trees have gotten, including that aspen right in front of their house!  I stopped mowing that down just about 5 years ago, and now it's huge - ok, not huge, but bigger!

I had the perfect long weekend visiting family back in my hometown.  It was NOT easy to leave.


  1. Not a single picture of The Dingo this week. I think she might feel left out.

  2. And...I did look like I was having fun. What a cruel trick the mountain played on me.

    "Aren't I so much fun?? Ha! I'll show you! Now I'm going to beat you senseless." --The Mountain

    1. It's 'cause you WERE having fun! But yes, the mountain can be a jerk, for sure.


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