Sunday, July 14, 2013

Project 365: Week 28

July 8 | On our way back to Colorado, we stopped in at the Little America for our 50¢ ice cream cones - definitely a highlight of the trip.

July 9 | Austin and I took our new bikes out to the parking lot to practice riding them as fixies.
July 10 | I love sun tea.
July 11 | Felt like a loooong work week after the holiday weekend.  (This is where I work.)
July 12 | We got in that line of traffic to go sofa shopping then drove back home without a sofa deciding to make do with what we have.
July 13 | Headed out of the canyon before the storm hit after having fun climbing all morning.
July 14 | Got lucky again this morning and made it up to Blue Lake and back to the parking lot without getting rained on!

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