Sunday, September 15, 2013

Project 365: Week 37

September 9 | Went out to Fate Brewing with some friends that were visiting from DC and I got this Watermelon Kölsch - tasted like juice :)

September 10 | At this point during the week, I was kind of excited about the rain...
September 11 |  ...then the flash flooding started (this is the street outside our house - hopefully before the water was contaminated (let's not think about that)).
September 12 | We thought that this was the aftermath, but really it was just starting.  Normally that is a bike underpass probably about 8 ft. high.
September 13 | First time seeing the Flatirons since Tuesday.
September 14 | Dingo turned 1 year old!  And she got a lot of toys.
September 15 | I may or may not have made a birthday pie for the Dingo (Salted Caramel Apple).

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