Sunday, September 29, 2013

Project 365: Week 39

September 23 | I have the best BFF forever - she's also a really talented artist.

September 24 | Coconut chocolate chip cookies.
September 25 | Still deciding what I thought about this recipe...cauliflower breadsticks.
September 26 | I bought these shoes 3 years ago and finally wore them for the first time.  They are so cute, but they make me soooo tall!
September 27 | We shredded a LOT of soaked paper at work on Friday - lawyers use a lot of paper apparently and when basements get flooded, it has to go somewhere.
September 28 | We finally found one area of boulders that was accessible so Emma, Austin and I went out for hours and had a blast!
September 29 | The birthday boy and his "little lady."

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