Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Applesauce

Boulder is underwater right now.  Literally.  Starting last night, the emergency sirens have been going off for flash flooding and it hasn't really slowed down much since then.

It is really serious and people are getting hurt.  There's a lot of property damage.  A few people have already died.  Luckily, the city has pretty much shut down.  Austin and I went home from work early, the schools are closed and people are being told to find higher ground and just hang out.
Austin and I are pretty good at just sitting home and hanging out.  Especially when we have enough food and drink.

We've been working on stocking our bar for a while now so we're prepped.  We also just bought a case of applesauce from Costco, so we can have a lot of these.  They taste so good that it would be pretty easy to drink pitcher after pitcher too.
Better not do that, in case we do have to leave for some reason.  If you're in the area, do what we're doing.  Hole up inside, have a cocktail, read a book.  Stay safe!

THE APPLESAUCE (makes 2 drinks)
3 oz. spiced rum
1/2 oz. triple sec
8 oz. sour mix
6 oz. applesauce

1.  Blend all ingredients together with 2 c. of ice.  Pour into 2 tall glasses.  Garnish with an apple slice!


  1. Replies
    1. You definitely have to try this one, Jennie. They are really really easy to drink! We are safe and I think we are through the worst of it now (knock on wood)!


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