Sunday, January 5, 2014

365: Week 1

After some internal debate, I decided that I couldn't just stop taking a picture a day, so I'm doing it again for 2014.  I really like looking back through the pictures that I took in 2013 and I also like the reminder to use my camera as often as possible.  

This year, my goal is to be a little more regimented.  I'm going to follow along with the Capture Your 365 group and also meld their photo ideas with my own.  And this year, I'm trying to use my DSLR more than I did last year (hopefully very few iPhone pictures this time around!).
January 1 | 11:48 p.m. was when I decided I wanted to keep doing this.  It's kind of a picture of 'celebration' I guess.
January 2 | Goal Making
January 3 | Winter Sports
January 4 | A Little Bit
January 5 | With a Fork

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