Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Hour: Baja Fog

This is our go-to drink when we're camping for a couple reasons.  The first being that you don't need a glass or any special equipment (besides a bottle opener, but who doesn't have one of those on their keychain anyway?).  The second is that they taste like beer, but they are significantly stronger so you don't have to pack as much stuff in (or out).

Sounds perfect.  There's always a 'but' though, right?  Here's the 'but': you will run out of Corona before you run out of tequila.
So, what you'll do to remedy the situation is start to re-pour the tequila into the bottlenecks once you're down to the last few bottles of beer.  I know you'll do this, because everyone does this.

The problem is that you're really just taking shot after shot of tequila at that point.  Which is not really a problem 'cause you're camping!

You're not driving, and you were planning on passing out under the stars anyway.

Corona (needs to be Corona, for the longneck bottle)
lime juice (fresh or bottled)

1.  Open up the Corona, fill the rest of the bottle with tequila.  Squeeze fresh lime juice in (to get the fogginess at the top) or use the bottled lime juice.

2.  When you drink this, take a big chug to empty out the whole bottleneck - all you'll taste is the lime-y beer I promise!


  1. Wow. I love this! Never thought of mixing tequila and beer. Thanks for posting this. I have some people coming over today for a BBQ. I know what we're going to be drinking :)

    1. What's the verdict?! Did you love them?

    2. Absolutely loved them! They were simply amazing. Goodbye plain beer, hello Baja fogs :)

    3. Hahaha - that's exactly how I feel too :D


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