Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Hour: Lemon Ginger Mule

Lemon Ginger Mule
I think you can trace major life changes back to singular events that take up a very small amount of time.  For me, one of those moments was when I discovered Moscow Mules.

If you haven't tried one, believe me, it's life-changing.
Lemon Ginger Mule
I just never knew that a drink could taste so good and refreshing and perfectly satisfying.

If you want to make the traditional one you need vodka, lime juice and ginger beer.  This one has an extra spice kick from the freshly grated ginger and the lemon juice is a nice twist.

It's just perfect.  I wish you could take a sip from your computer (or phone) screen right now so you'd know I wasn't lying to you.  Lucky for you, they're super simple to make so you can mix yourself one.  It's Friday after all.
Lemon Ginger Mule
LEMON GINGER MULE (makes 2 drinks)
1 lemon
1/2 inch grated, fresh ginger
3 oz. vodka
ginger beer
lemon wedges for garnish

1.  Cut lemon into wedges, then place in a martini shaker.

2.  Muddle the lemon with the grated ginger and vodka then shake with ice.

3.  Strain into 2 glasses filled with ice.

4.  Top off with ginger beer (not ginger ale) and garnish with a lemon wedge.

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