Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Hour: Pear Vodka Smash

Pear Vodka Smash | Call Me Fudge
Last time I went to Costco, I was lured in by the pears.  I love pears and since they're really good this time of year, I wanted them.

Of course, the problem is that you can't buy just a few pears at Costco, you have to buy a dozen.  So, naturally, Austin said that I would never be able to finish them all before they went bad.
Pear Vodka Smash | Call Me Fudge
I'm happy to say that I proved him wrong!

I've been eating at least one every day.  I blended one up in a smoothie.  And my last pear that was starting to get brown, was smashed up then strained into this cocktail.

The result was perhaps my favorite fruity drink ever.

You can barely taste the vodka in this and actually I made it with 1.5 oz of vodka first, but it needed a little extra kick.  So I guess what I'm saying is that these could be dangerous.
Pear Vodka Smash | Call Me Fudge

1 pear
2 oz. vodka
ginger ale

1.  Cut the pear into slices (reserve 1 slice for garnish). In a martini shaker or separate glass, muddle the pear with the vodka.

2.  Strain as much juice as possible into a rocks glass filled with ice.  (I used a wire mesh strainer and pushed the liquid through it with a wooden spoon.)

3.  Top with ginger ale.  Garnish with a slice of pear.

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