About Fudge


I know the name says, "call me Fudge," but really, you can call me Sarah.  Fudge was a family nickname given to me before I could speak.  I never contested it, so it stuck.  For a long time.  Too long probably.

What you will find here are recipes (mostly).  Some of the recipes were created by others and I photograph the process.  Others are created by me.  

I am a self-taught cook/baker, but the term "self-taught" is a little sticky, isn't it?  Truth is, I am not formally trained, but I was trained by spending years in the kitchen watching my parents make dinner every night, and on the weekends, baking cookies with my grandma.

I love how food can bring together friends and family, whether it's the most simple dinner or the most decadent cake.  It doesn't really matter how fancy it is, or how long it took.  What matters is that you made it.  And that's the thing!  Every recipe you find here, you can make.  Some may have more steps than others and some may have more ingredients than others, but you can make each and every one of them!

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me - sarah (at) callmefudge (dot) com - or send me a message on twitter or facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!  I really do hope you'll come back often.



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